About Progressive Realty Partners

Progressive Realty Partners, Inc. was founded in 1996 as a property management company with an emphasis on the operation of self-storage facilities and multi-family residential properties. As owners of their own property portfolio including self storage, apartments and office properties, the principals of PRP sought a better solution than the traditional property management services being provided within their industries. Based on their extensive background in real estate, including managing, designing and constructing over 40 self-storage facilities and 20 multi-family communities, it was a natural progression to establish a property management company that would answer to the needs of the ownership by servicing the unique requirements of operating self-storage and multi-family properties.

We have a common objective with our clients; to generate the highest gross potential revenue resulting from the most efficient operating cost structure. Though this simple objective may not be unique, our technological advantages give us the ability to quickly gather and assess data to market demands, making PRP uniquely qualified to give our clients the competitive edge.